Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting to the Green Room Gardens from Cape Town International Airport

The most affordable and convenient way to get from the airport to The Green Room Gardens Self Catering Apartment is via the MyCiTi airport shuttle bus, which runs from Airport Station to the Civic Centre Station in Cape Town CBD.

When you've landed and collected your luggage at the airport, head straight for the main exit, ignoring kiosks for other, more expensive airport shuttle buses. Outside of the airport building, look for a big statue of an elephant - Airport Station is right across the airport building from where this statue is. You can buy your tickets, which cost R53 one way for adults and R26.50 for children (pay cash only - find ATMs and currency exchange inside the airport building) at the station.

The MyCiTi buses depart every 20 minutes and run from 5:10am to 9:50pm. The ride takes anything from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. The most congested time is during morning peak hour traffic, which lasts from about 7am to 10am on week days.

The bus will stop at the Civic Centre Station, from where you can either switch buses to the Gardens bus line, or hop on a taxi to the Gardens Centre - all Cape Town taxi drivers will know where this is.

To proceed by bus: Purchase a myconnect card while at the Civic Centre Station, before getting on to the bus that goes to the Gardens Centre (this is the stop where you should get off - the Green Room Gardens Apartment is located inside the Gardens Centre). You can load any amount of money onto this card - which works like a debit card. The card can be used on any of the MyCiTi buses as well as retailers (for small transactions up to R200) - while you still have money on it. The card can be topped up again at a MyCiTi kiosk or at Oxford Books inside the Gardens Centre. A single ride from the Civic Centre to the Gardens Centre will deduct R5 from your myconnect card.

To proceed by taxi: Flag down a taxi near the Civic Centre or call a Rikki's taxi. The 2.6km ride should take about 10 minutes and cost around R35. You can ask your driver to drop you off at the Hiddingh Avenue side-entrance of the Gardens Centre, as it is closest to the entrance to the apartments tower inside the building, where we will meet you. Click here for more information on taking a taxi from the Civic Centre.

Alternatively I can pre-arrange for a Rikki's taxi to collect you from the airport and drop you off at the Gardens Centre. This should cost around R250 for the ride, with a surcharge for excess baggage.

Click here for more information on the MyCiTi airport shuttle service.