Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Green Room Gardens is now listed on AirBnB

I have recently moved my listing to AirBnb and couldn't be happier with the site. From now on all my bookings will go through AirBnb to keep things sweet and simple.

I have added more descriptions and photos to the listing and have even dropped the price a bit. The idea is to focus more on medium term rentals from now on - from 3 weeks to several months, so the apartment is very competitively priced for that category. In my opinion rates for short and medium term furnished lets in Cape Town is way overpriced, especially considering the huge supply at the moment - so I am trying to address this issue by making my rates a lot more affordable than what anyone else is offering.

In other good news, the Gardens Centre apartments tower block now has Wi-Fi, with routers on every floor, so the reception is really good. Access can be rented from the Gardens Holiday Apartments reception desk at the entrance to the tower block. Rates are R20 for 200MB, R50 for 500MB, R70 for 1GB, R140 for 2GB, etc.

More good news is that the Gardens MyCiti Bus station, located under the bridge across the road from the Gardens Centre, is now open, and Myconnect cards and top-ups can be purchased directly from here. Hopefully the Vredehoek line will start operating soon, but for now you can still take a bus to the Civic Centre Station from here and from there transfer to the Waterfront, Airport, Table View and Salt River lines.


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